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We Have A Dentist To Do Your Root Canal For You!

Have you been advised by a dentist that you require a root canal treatment? If so, you should not be worried or stressed because Coons Family Dental is trained to perform your root canal treatment as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Front and Back Teeth

Many patients think that removing a tooth is a better solution than a root canal, but it is not. Extracting teeth will add more to your bill, and it may cause problems for adjacent teeth as well. There is no better treatment than to save your natural tooth if it has a good long term prognosis.

A root canal treatment is necessary when cavities, or tooth decay, has progressed deep into the tooth and is in the nerve space or pulp. Often, patients experience severe pain when the pulp is infected. Many people falsely believe that root canal treatments are painful. This is not true. The infection that requires the need for a root canal treatment is what is painful. The root canal treatment eliminates your pain and allows your body to eliminate the infection and heal. Patients are usually immediately out of pain after receiving a root canal treatment. 

At our dental practice, the root canal process usually takes 1-2 hours. For excellent results, our dentist uses the most advanced techniques to disinfect and save your infected tooth.  Depending on what the dentist feels is necessary, the tooth will be protected with a filling or dental crown.

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure and is similar in the patient’s experience to filling a cavity. The pain-free procedure preserves your natural tooth and relieves you from pain.

Our root canal therapy is very successful because we educate our patients on the need for root canal treatment and risks involved. This makes our patients comfortable and they end up having a positive attitude toward the root canal treatment. 

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Can a general dentist perform a root canal?

Yes. General dentists are trained to perform root canal treatments with the most cutting edge techniques.

How many visits will be required for a root canal?

From start to finish you may expect three visits to the dental office. At the first consultation, you may be advised for a root canal, the second trip for the procedure and the third meeting for a follow-up to make sure it was successful.

Is it a painful treatment?

It is a pain-free procedure due to high quality local anesthesia. Our dentist will make sure you are numb and do not feel any part of the procedure. Some minor discomfort after root canal treatment is normal due to the healing that the tooth, bone, and gum undergoes after receiving a root canal treatment.

Is tooth extraction better than a root canal?

No. If there is good tooth structure remaining, there is no better treatment than to save your natural tooth with a root canal treatment. Your natural tooth supports your bone, gums, and neighboring teeth to continue to function in health. Root canal treatment is a common and a cost- effective way to save your tooth.

When do I need to visit after the root canal is completed?

After the completion of root canal treatment, you will need to go for a follow-up visit within the first 30 days to receive a definitive restoration such as a filling or dental crown.