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Tooth Extractions Services At Coons Folsom Dentist 

Painless Extractions

In our daily life, we generally do not realize the importance of oral health until we encounter pain in our teeth. If your dentist has advised you to have a tooth extracted it is most likely badly damaged or infected.

At Coons Folsom Dentist we offer tooth extraction that has your comfort in mind. Let’s take a tour of our tooth extraction services!

Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions

Nobody wants to lose a permanent tooth in their life, but negligence or an unwanted accident may cause the need for tooth extraction. The most common reasons for extraction are dental cavities, gum disease, infections, injury, and badly damaged teeth that are beyond repair.

We have a team of close-knit dentists who specialize in the extraction of teeth. It is important to mention that teeth removal is a standard dental procedure that our qualified dentists perform on a daily basis.

Simple tooth extraction is a relatively simple procedure performed by our skilled dentist with the help of local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth and gums. The tooth is removed in one piece and you are provided with instructions to follow.

Surgical tooth extraction is needed when more advanced techniques are required to remove a tooth. It too is performed with local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth and gums. It is a more complicated procedure and sometimes involves the removal of gum tissues and bone with a small incision.

Wisdom Tooth

In most adults, there is rarely sufficient room to allow proper eruption of the wisdom teeth. As a result, they are likely to damage adjacent teeth, cause cavities, gum disease and infection, and pain.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure only to be done by a dentist or oral surgeon. At Coons Folsom Dentist our general dental team briefs you about the necessity of removal, even if they are not currently causing problems, and what potential problems they can cause in the future. You may be referred to see an oral surgeon if your wisdom tooth removal is complex.

Our Dentist Folsom ensures a successful and painless surgery in which you will return home to recover after it is completed. The dentist will provide you with detailed instructions for bleeding, pain, swelling, or any particular food/eating routines.

Our competitive results are recognized and appreciated by all of our patients, and their trust is shown in the fact that they make regular visits to Coons Folsom Dentist.

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Are you afraid of removing a tooth that causes you pain? Contact our oral surgeon and book your painless extractions surgery today! 


What are the risks of tooth extraction?

There are a few risks involved in the extraction, but the benefits outweigh the minor chance of a complication. After the extraction, a blood clot is formed and it heals.

How long will it take to recover from the tooth extraction?

Recovery does not take too much time, your gum will recover in a few days. But you must follow the dentist’s instructions to reduce swelling and pain. Try to relax and take a day off from your regular routine to recover.

When should you remove your wisdom tooth?

If your wisdom tooth has started causing you pain, you need to pay a visit to a dentist’s office for an exam. An impacted wisdom tooth has some symptoms like swelling, bleeding, difficulty in opening your jaw, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Wisdom teeth are often removed in your teenage years while they are not fully developed if it is known they will cause problems in the future if they are allowed to attempt to erupt.

Do I still need to remove my wisdom tooth if it does not hurt?

The answer to that will only be found by a dentist after a dental examination. It is possible that wisdom teeth may never show any symptoms, but there’s still a risk of future complications.

What is the likely recovery time after extraction?

Your dentist will ask you to rest for 2 to 3 days and allow the extracted area to heal. It requires 3 to 4 weeks to fully heal and your gums will completely cover the extraction site.