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Cosmetic Dentistry Services At Coons Family Dental

Boost Up Your Confidence With A Flawless & Radiant Smile 

High quality cosmetic services will give your smile a stunning transformation! Even small flaws in your teeth can affect your confidence and the way people perceive you. The same goes for cracks, gaps, chips & discoloration. 

Cosmetic dentistry offers various solutions to fix your smile and boost your confidence. Improving the shape, color, size, & alignment of your teeth are all  services of cosmetic dentistry. Let’s take a look at our affordable cosmetic dentistry services. 


A dental veneer is not only a dental procedure, but a work of art that transforms your smile. Coons Family Dental implements the finest techniques of cosmetic dentistry, and our expert team is constantly delivering the best results for our patients. If you have chipped, broken, discolored, misaligned, uneven, or irregular-shaped teeth, don’t worry! Your smile is in good hands. 

After a thorough exam and consultation, our dental experts will discuss the best options for your dental veneers. We’ll improve your smile with our next-level cosmetic treatment. 


Having a perfect smile is possible for everyone  because you can reshape your pearly whites with bonding.  Providing you with a comfortable experience and a friendly environment is the ultimate goal of the team at Coons Family Dental.

The expertise that we incorporate into working with patients has allowed us to become Folsom, CA’s top dental providers.  Despite the fact that bonded composite resin is not as strong as natural teeth; tooth-colored composite resin applied to teeth can prove to be a great option to restore the original look of your teeth.

Since anesthesia is not always needed during the bonding process, you do not have to worry about pain during the treatment. We are sure that you’ll be pleased with the results.


Are you thinking about having your teeth whitened? Well, we are here with top-notch dentists and whitening products to give you what you desire. 

Needless to say, tooth whitening is one of the most requested dental treatments by patients worldwide. Those who experience darkening of teeth caused by coffee, smoking, wine, or bad dental habits are likely to choose whitening for a bright white smile. Tooth stain and discoloration can also be caused by aging or medication like tetracycline. Tooth whitening can also help in these situations.

Before adding some sparkle to your smile, our dental experts will talk with you about the necessity of whitening teeth and how some materials like veneers, crowns, bridges, and fillings will not change shade during the whitening process.

After describing the types of whitening, our dentist will suggest the best type for you and supervise the treatment. The way we treat our patients makes us Folsom’s best choice for dental care.

Meet Your Cosmetic Dentist Here!

Looking for something to enhance and restore your smile once again? Our feature-packed cosmetic dentistry services are at your fingertips. Connect with Coons Family Dental to get an appointment!


Do Veneers stain over time?

No. Veneers are a common dental treatment, easily accessible, and affordable. Veneer materials such as porcelain do not stain, however the tooth underneath the veneer is still susceptible to staining and continues to require good oral hygiene. Staining on the natural tooth usually does not cause the porcelain veneer to change shade.

Is tooth whitening safe for my enamel?

Yes. If you follow the advice of your dentist then there is no need to worry about enamel damage.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

The main purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance your smile. It includes shaping your teeth to the ideal size, alignment, bleaching, enamel bonding, dental veneers, Invisalign braces, and gum grafts.

Does cosmetic dentistry contribute to improving my oral health?

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t only about visual benefits. Many procedures such as veneers can be used to protect your teeth if they are worn. Many of our cosmetic treatments help enhance your smile and boost your confidence while increasing oral health.

Are cosmetic treatments visible to others?

All cosmetic treatments like whitening, removing stain, improving alignment, bonding, and veneers are done carefully by skilled dentists to appear like your natural teeth.

What is the specific role of a cosmetic dentist?

While dentists focus on oral health issues like cavities, gum health, replacing missing teeth, and root canals, cosmetic dentists specialize in changing the appearance of your smile.